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Our Mission: To support societal causes through the
sales of premium dog bones and pet products at
convenient locations.

Our Goal: To raise awareness to the needs of our returning Soldiers and Veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. We will
support Soldiers Best Friend, an organization that trains
and gifts service and therapeutic companion animals to Soldiers and Veterans afflicted with PTSD or TBI.  25%
of net profits from all Benevolent Bone products sold in
2012 will be donated to Soldiers Best Friend.

       A special thank you
This is not a political issue, this is a HUMAN ISSUE.
We who have never been in combat will never know the scars from war left upon the soul. It matters not your political beliefs,
your degree of “patriotism”, nor your opinions about war
… What matters is that we open our eyes and our hearts and
understand these men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice of “Self” to help serve and protect the people of this nation.
    Soldiers Coming Home     Shelter Animals     Companions
  • Approximately 18.5% of U.S. service members returning from Afghanistan and Iraq currently have PTSD or depression; and 19.5% had a traumatic brain injury during deployment. Symptoms of PTSD and TBI are debilitating and can keep those afflicted from living a normal healthy life

  • Less than half of those who need treatment for these conditions actually seek it, and often those who do receive treatment get minimally adequate care and much of the time they receive no relief from their symptoms

  • Improving access to high-quality care and offering alternative therapies can be cost-effective and improve recovery rates
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Isolation
  • Relationship and Job Problems
  • Addictions
  • Feeling Numb
  • Anger and Violence
  • Anxiety
  • Guilt

  • If you or someone you love
    suffers from PTSD, please visit for additional resources and help.
  • Studies have shown that a canine companion can significantly impact the veteran's mental, emotional and physical well-being

  • Recent studies show that 82 percent of PTSD patients with a service or companion dog had a decrease in symptoms and 40 percent had a decrease in medication usage

  • Highly-trained service dogs can alert a veteran when it’s time to take their medication, wake during a terrifying dream, and help a veteran feel less isolated and alone



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